Award til tirsdagsringen

In celebration of the Copenhagen goldsmith guild’s 585 year jubilee, a competition was organized to pay homage to goldsmith’s craftsmanship and classical virtues, as well as to focus on their artistic potential.

These two rings show an innovative, sharp Scandinavian adaptation of the classic solitaire ring. The two rings are simple in design, but display fine artistic qualities. The ring with the title "Tuesday" represents a modern yet timeless design, the diamonds in the ring slide in the channel, so they are always in motion with your hand. The ring is designed so the customer can have more or less diamonds added in various colors and combinations. "Tuesday" has the detail that when the ring is turned upside down it looks like a Junghans clock, thus Anja Eriksen plays on the word "timeless" and sees the ring itself as "perfect timing". Anja Eriksen received a "Special Recognition Award" for this work.

Special Recognition Award